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Nothing makes one feel so strong as call for help.

Pope Paul VI

The opportunity of online psychotherapy.

Online psychotherapy can be regarded as a reliable tool for the treatment of life relevant conflicts and problems. In the same way, online counselling brings progress on personal or professional level. Not the medium is what matters, but the professional work itself.

Internet as a medium obviously frees you from any commuting efforts. Online psychotherapy can be assisted wherever you find an adequate room and moment for it. This is of great advantage, not only on travel. In situations of injury, disability or lacking of time, when even small distances turn out to be a big obstacle, online therapy puts away all logistic problems with ease.

Apart from practical considerations, online therapy can be personal preference. Especially in the beginning of a therapeutical process, online communication is likely to make it easier to start talking about personal problems. To feel comfortable is a basic condition for the success of psychotherapy, and if the online mode helps, it is a good reason to choose it! 

My experience with online therapy

My experience with online therapy is very positive. I consider the success of online psychotherapy on a par with face-to-face therapy. The technological progress has brought big changes. Good communication does no more result from geographical, but from emotional nearness. Independently from the medium, careful personal treatment is what leads to confidence and understanding.

Online the same methods can be applied as face-to-face: Talking therapy, hypnosis, methods for relaxation, EMDR and guided affective imagery. Therapy plans are personalized in either of the two modes, online and offline, and the same privacy rules apply. If it comes to flexibility in scheduling, online therapy stands out.

Written documentation

Psychological reports and invoices are written on demand. I use to write reports rather frequently for my patients. However, they cannot be issued on base of mere online therapy but require a number of face-to-face sessions. 

Three types of therapy session

Anna Maria Wittkowsky lives and works between Hamburg and Madrid; she has studied psychology in Spain (licenciate) and taken further education here, in Germany, USA and in Mexico. Specializations: Ericksonian hypnosis, guided affective imagery, short term therapy, relaxation methods and EMDR. Her working experience with individual patients, couples, families and group therapy sums up to 20 years. Occasionally she imparts her knowledge in workshops and seminars in Universidad Europea (Madrid) and in Instituto Iris Corzo (Mexico City).

In her Madrid office she works since about ten years with her spanish colleague Eugenia Maria Morán.

Since 2016, online psychotherapy has become more and more relevant to Anna Maria Wittkowsky. Her international background and audience make online communication a valuable option: “Internet communication brings patients and me closer to each other and facilitates therapeutical advances.”

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